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Captain Rohit Sharma suggested that being a cricketer in India is not easy.©AFP

The Indian cricket team’s attempt to end a 10-year drought to win the ICC title begins on Sunday when the Rohit Sharma-led team takes on Australia in the first match of the ODI World Cup. The recent triumph in the Asia Cup has been a positive sign for the players and supporters of the Indian cricket team. Ahead of the opening match of India’s campaign, Rohit suggested that being a cricketer in India is not easy, especially with the heavy weight of fans’ expectations. However, Rohit believes that his team is full of winning players, who know a thing or two about how to handle pressure situations.

“We are Indian cricketers. We are supposed to go through pressure moments, pressure situations. I see a lot of strong mental characters in this team, who have gone through difficulties in their career.

“Nothing has come so easily to any of them. They’ve been through tough times, they’ve been through the middle of it, and they accomplished what they accomplished today.”

’16 years have taught me to live moments’

Experience teaches many things and, most importantly, how to deal with the pressures of high-stakes gaming.

“16 years of cricket has taught me that, how to deal with moments and how to handle those pressures and not let that pressure get to the team.” Rohit understands that handling pressure is a unique quality and everyone would react differently.

“I’m sure at certain stages of the tournament some players will be under pressure, teams will be under pressure. But that’s where we need characters.”

India’s last ICC title came in 2013 during the Champions Trophy in England.

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