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The armed motorcyclist who assaulted a woman on video in Philadelphia has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes. After a search in which the public provided some of the information leading to the arrest, the Philadelphia Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office identified the motorcyclist as 26-year-old Cody Heron.

His identity was confirmed by local authorities who say they are grateful for the flood of information from the public following Heron’s attack on Nikki Bullock. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Heron’s own employer was among those who contacted police after the assault, although the newspaper does not mention who the employer is or what Heron’s job was prior to his arrest. According to the researcher:

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Heron crashed into Bullock’s Ford Fusion Sunday night while he was part of a group of motorcyclists on dirt bikes and ATVs, many of which are not legally permitted on public roads.

Heron’s motorcycle made contact with Bullock’s car at an intersection near Philadelphia City Hall. An argument ensued which culminated in Heron breaking the rear window of Bullock’s car. He then headbutted Bullock while he was wearing a helmet and pointed a gun in Bullock’s direction before fleeing the scene.

The Philadelphia prosecutor issued a statement Wednesday providing more details, including the charges the 26-year-old armed motorcyclist now faces:

Cody Heron (DOB 10/22/1996) was arrested overnight in the Frankford section of the city and is accused of Possession of an instrument of crime, Recklessly endangering another person, and multiple counts of aggravated assault. Widely viewed video of the incident, which began after Heron crashed into the driver’s side door of the complainant’s vehicle while riding with a large group of motorcyclists through Center City, shows the defendant getting off his motorcycle and jumping into the back of the victim’s car. Heron then kicks out the back window, spraying broken glass onto the victim’s two children, ages two and five, who were sitting in the back seat. A firearm can be seen falling from the defendant’s waistband before he retrieves it and threatens the victim with it after she confronts him on the street. Heron headbutts him during the confrontation before returning to his vehicle and fleeing the scene.

In a press conference shared by FOX29, police stated that they managed to locate Heron with the help of the public, but finding him was not easy because the information that flooded social media was not entirely accurate.

It appears that Heron was using a false name to mislead authorities and hide his identity. Although savvy social media users were able to track down an account related to the attacker, the name was a red herring. Philadelphia police say the social media section of their Criminal Intelligence Unit identified Heron by piecing together available information and viral images of the assault. Presumably, that includes information that came from closer, more credible sources, like Heron’s boss.

Cody Heron is now in police custody and the district attorney’s office says they will prosecute Heron to the fullest extent of the law.

Photo: Philadelphia Police Department
Photo: Philadelphia Police Department

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