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The culmination of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou marks a watershed moment in Indian sports. Not only is it our most medal haul in the Games, but it is also a legitimate indicator of the present and future of Indian sports. Crossing the 100 medal mark is not just about numbers. It symbolizes India’s rapidly evolving sporting landscape and its aspiration to be among the global leaders in various disciplines. When we set ambitious goals, we don’t just chase medals, we define our path, design our journey, and demonstrate our collective intent to the world.

Players of the Indian men's hockey team pose for a photo after winning gold in men's hockey at the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou on Friday. PREMIUM
Players of the Indian men’s hockey team pose for a photo after winning gold in men’s hockey at the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou on Friday.

This achievement becomes even more poignant given that we have laid out our intentions transparently and then seen them manifest. While hitting the target is a matter of immense pride, even if we had fallen short, the sheer commitment and tenacity shown by our athletes would still be commendable. It is a combination of the tireless efforts of our athletes, coaches and support teams, supported by the proactive initiatives of our government and sports federations. It’s about the journey and the collective will to improve.

This edition of the Asian Games has been packed with moments that epitomize excellence, determination and pure talent. The skills displayed by our shooting team, setting world records in the process, have been phenomenal. Equally impressive was Sutirtha and Ayhika Mukherjees’ incredible victory over the world’s No. 2 team in table tennis, a testament to their hard work and strategic brilliance.

Saurav Ghosal’s medal tally speaks volumes about his consistent performance over the years. Then there is HS Prannoy’s bronze medal, which was not just a victory in sport but a triumph over physical adversity. Satwik and Chirag’s journey in Hangzhou, where they won India’s first gold medal in badminton, is another story of perseverance and opportunity. He shows that precocious talent, if guided well, has the potential to become a global force.

While Neeraj Chopra’s continued brilliance was not surprising, the ripple effect of his triumph in Tokyo, as evidenced by Kishore Jena’s commendable performance, underlines how inspiration can uplift an entire community. Taken together, these memories of the Asian Games serve as a powerful reminder of India’s sporting potential.

The rise of prodigious talents like Aditi Swami in compound archery and Anahat Singh in squash is a reflection of the changing dynamics of Indian sports. They represent a generation that is not content to simply participate; They aspire to domination. Their success means more than just individual brilliance. It is emblematic of a broader cultural shift in which our youth, armed with self-confidence, a strong training infrastructure and an ever-improving support system, now dare to dream big and challenge global standards. The rise of such young champions is an encouraging sign of the vitality and depth of our sporting ecosystem.

While our achievements at the Asian Games are certainly laudable, they are part of a larger narrative as we move towards the Paris Olympics. The experience, confidence and resilience our athletes have gained here will no doubt inform their preparations for Paris. But it’s also essential to understand the context: the Olympic Games bring together a broader spectrum of global competitors, many of whom our athletes may not have faced in regional events. Therefore, while we must continue the positive momentum, we must also build on our preparations, recalibrate our strategies and aim for even higher standards as we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities in Paris.

The fact is that the life of an athlete is a test. Proof that we can be as good as yesterday. Better than yesterday. Better than the man/woman of tomorrow. In sports, yesterday never counts. Athletes must celebrate their accomplishments and then regroup and remount to prepare for the bigger adventures that await them. To maintain momentum, we need an ecosystem that supports continuous improvement, whether in training methodologies, infrastructure or exposure to international standards. Every day is an opportunity to prove yourself again, challenge your limits and get stronger. The accolades of the past are reminders of our abilities, but the future holds the promise of what we can become.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the athletes who represented India at the Asian Games. Each one of you who wore the Indian jersey with pride and passion deserves our respect and recognition. For many more.

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