Bihar Elections 2020: Nitish Kumar clarifies ‘aakhiri chunaav’ comment, says he was misunderstood | spcilvly

Bihar Elections 2020: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday sought to clarify his recent comment on “aakhiri chunaav” (latest poll), which had sparked intense speculation. The Janata Dal United leader claimed that this was a statement he made every time an election campaign concluded, but this time it was “misinterpreted”. The statement came after the NDA’s victory in the Bihar elections, even as JD(U) was restricted to 43 seats against its ally BJP’s 71.

“You guys didn’t get it right. I say the same thing at the last rally of every election, ant bhala to sab bhala (all’s well that ends well),” Kumar said when asked about his final remarks at an election meeting. to which he addressed. in Purnea district last week, shortly before the end of campaigning for the final phase of the elections.

“Listen to what I said before and after and you will understand the context. If you had, you would not have misinterpreted it,” said Kumar, whose words “ye mera aakhiri chunaav hai” (this is my last choice) were interpreted. by the opposition as an admission of imminent defeat and a ploy to strike a chord with an angry electorate.

The 69-year-old prime minister, who has been in power since 2005, appeared unhappy about projections of strong opposition to the government during the elections and predictions of a defeat for the ruling regime.

“I have been selflessly serving the people. Still, some people managed to create some confusion. They must have noticed the anxieties triggered in the minds of the public after the exit poll projections,” Kumar said.

The NDA’s victory came against most predictions suggesting a comfortable victory for the RJD-led Grand Alliance, which had raised fears, among those unsympathetic to Lalu Prasad’s party, that its return to power could lead to anarchy.

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