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  • Botala has drilled his second pilot well shortly after gas flowed to the surface in Serowe-3.1
  • Drilling is now underway at Serowe-3.3, the second of four wells the company is completing as part of the Pitse Project.
  • Drilling of the last two wells will probably be completed by Christmas

Botala continues to advance the production pilot program at its Serowe coalfield methane project in Botswana with the drilling of the second pilot well.

Since farming at Serowe in 2020, Botala has maintained a steady pace of activity in the CBM project and moved to 70% ownership.

During this time, Botala Energy (ASX:BTE) added six wells to the only well drilled by the previous operator and defined a best estimate certified contingent resource (2C) of 317 billion cubic feet of gas at the project.

This represented a major milestone as it is enough to power the current Orapa gas-fired power station in Botswana for around 20 years.

But it is also just an opening salvo from the company, as it is based on only five of the seven wells drilled to date, which in turn cover only a small part of the project.

Most recently, the company managed to flow gas to the surface at the Serowe-3.1 well at a rate of 42,000 standard cubic feet of gas per day, a sign that the coals at the well location have reached their desorption pressure point. , resulting in the release of a sustainable gas flow.

He has also completed the first pilot good Serowe-3.2 on time and on budget after it crossed 37m of coal within the Serowe, Upper and Lower Morupule coal seams from a depth of 372m.

The next one is already underway

Drilling is now underway at Serowe-3.3, the second of four wells the company is completing as part of the Pitse Project, the inaugural commercial production pilot program of the Serowe CBM project.

The Pitse Project seeks to determine the commercial flow potential within the vicinity of the Serowe-3.1 well and convert this group of five wells into the first commercial production location in that part of the wider 420,000 hectare project.

Three of the four wells will test gas coming from the Serowe, Upper and Lower Morupule coal seams, while the fourth well will drill through the Serowe coal seam only, to determine the gas contribution from this seam.

“It has been a very busy period operationally and the rig has had a well-deserved break and is ready to get back to drilling,” said CEO Kris Martinick.

“We are very focused on continuing the Pitse Project with a key focus on the Serowe coal seam which is very prominent in our surface area along with the lower Morupule coal seams which are more regional.”

Drilling of the remaining two wells will be carried out consecutively and is likely to be completed before the Christmas period.

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