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Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI, the parent company behind interactive artificial intelligence (AI) platform ChatGPT, has expressed concern about the future of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, which he believes face significant challenges from of the United States government.

During a recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Altman expressed dismay at what he called an attack on the sector by the US government. He suggested that recent government actions represent a “war on cryptocurrencies,” highlighting his disappointment with the authorities’ approach to digital assets.

“I’m disappointed that the US government did it recently, but the war on cryptocurrencies, which I think is something like, we can’t give up on this, we’re going to control (bitcoins and cryptocurrencies) makes me quite sad.” the country,” Altman said.

His comments reflect growing sentiment among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and industry leaders who are concerned about greater government intervention in the digital currency space. In this regard, government agencies, led by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), have come under scrutiny amid accusations of attempting to suppress the crypto sector.

Altman went on to express his deep concern about the potential expansion of the surveillance state in the United States, particularly in the context of state control over money. He expressed his opposition to the concept of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stating that he is “very against” them.

It is worth noting that CBDCs have been a topic of discussion among US lawmakers and regulators, with most expressing opposition. Still, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has indicated that implementing such technology remains a distant prospect.

Altman’s support for Bitcoin

At the same time, Altman stated that he remains enthusiastic about Bitcoin and emphasized the importance of having a global currency that operates outside the control of any government.

“I am also excited about Bitcoin. “I think this idea that we have a global currency that is outside the control of any government is a very logical and important step in the technology tree,” he added.

In particular, Altman has come under fire within the Bitcoin community due to his involvement in the controversial Worldcoin crypto project. The project aims to create a database of people by scanning their eyes in exchange for the Worldcoin (WLD) cryptocurrency. Critics argue it raises ethical and privacy concerns.

The controversy led several governments to globally ban Worldcoin’s activities, with countries such as Kenya citing data privacy concerns as the main reason for their actions.

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