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The Capitol building is seen at dawn on September 30.
The Capitol building is seen at dawn on September 30. Nathan Howard/Getty Images

A weekend of terror in Israel has heightened already serious questions about the ability of the politically fractured United States to craft a unified and coherent response to a world spiraling out of its control.

As the House of Representatives descended into chaos last week, many Republicans, Democrats and independent experts warned that the anarchy plaguing American politics sent a dangerous message to the outside world. But no one could foresee how quickly the paralysis in Washington would test the country’s reaction to a major global crisis.

Hamas’ horrendous attacks on Israeli civilians, which have killed hundreds of people and shattered the country’s sense of security, pushed the Middle East to the precipice of a new era of violence and instability. This followed a period of relative calm and after US presidents spent years trying to remove US forces from the region.

Israel’s response to the carnage caused by a senior Iranian proxy raises the possibility of a broader regional war that would further destabilize the global order already shaken by the war in Ukraine and China’s blatant challenges to Western power.

Such a dangerous situation requires a calm, united and thoughtful American response, supported across the political spectrum. But the turmoil in American politics – rife with domestic extremism, threats to democracy and the hyperpoliticization of foreign policy – ​​means it will be an impossible task to unite the country at a dangerous time.

House Speaker Vacancy: Lawmakers’ swift efforts to quickly register support for Israel and accelerate additional aid to its government could be hampered by the collapse of the GOP’s ability to govern in the House after the ouster of Speaker Kevin McCarthy last week by the extremist elements of his party.

Presidential elections are coming: And the United States is also facing an unprecedented election season. A president with low approval ratings who faces questions about his advanced age could face a potential Republican candidate who could be accused of being a felon on Election Day. This means, at best, that the United States will spend the next few months worried about its own political situation. In the worst case, the global superpower guarantor of democracy could actually worsen global disruption and instability.

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