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The accused killer of rising public policy advocate Ryan Carson was arrested Wednesday and charged with murder as more details came to light about the troubled Brooklyn teen suspect.

Brian Dowling, 18, was arrested at his home in Bedford-Stuyvesant, just steps from Malcolm , the police said.

In the slaying caught on camera, a woman who police sources revealed is Dowling’s sister apologized to the couple as Carson lay dying on the sidewalk.

When officers knocked on Dowling’s door Wednesday morning without response, they broke down the door and made the arrest, sources said.

During the three-day search, the teen moved around and stayed with friends while evading arrest. He made no statements to police after he was caught and quickly asked for legal representation.

Outside Dowling’s family home Wednesday afternoon, his father, identified by a friend as Brian Dowling Sr., was staggering.

“I’m just a boy,” said Major Dowling. “I’m going through it.”

The Dowling teenager lived with his parents and twin sister in a multi-generational home once owned by his late grandparents, according to a close family friend.

“Just like any other teenager,” Eric Riddick said of the accused killer. “(He) is just a young teenager finding his way and becoming an adult. “It is a horrible situation for everyone.”

The teen recently graduated from high school and was working multiple jobs while his twin sister headed off to college.

“He liked sports,” Riddick said. “I went to some of their basketball games. It was good. I saw the basketball thing fade away, maybe in his third year.”

Most recently, Dowling worked in construction, said Riddick, whose relationship with the family goes back decades.

“(They are) like my second family,” he said. “I was with him when (Dowling and his sister) were born.”

Riddick described Dowling’s upbringing as “wholesome.” Her mother, a nurse, and her father, who works in the music industry, have been married for many years.

“There were no problems in the past,” Riddick said. “He was a good boy.”

Riddick never witnessed the teen’s deranged behavior, he said. The news of the murder took him by surprise and made him think that it was a “strange situation.”

“Something must have set it off like that,” Riddick guessed. “That’s not his type of behavior on a normal day. He was a calm and quiet child. He is not a child who screams and shouts.”

The friend has not been able to speak to Dowlings’ distraught father since the murder.

“I couldn’t even understand what he was saying,” he said of Dowling’s father. “I know he is hurt. When I spoke to him on the phone, I could hear the pain in his voice and his tears. So I ran here.”

Riddick emphasized how close Dowling was to his family and did not believe the teenager would ever act out at home.

“He never told me he had an altercation with his son,” Riddick said of Dowling’s father. “His father is the kind of person who stays on top of things. If he needed to address something, he would have addressed it. He was on point with him, he kept track.

“Brian and his father had a good relationship,” he added. “With his mother too. “They are a unit.”

Riddick watched the gruesome surveillance footage that captured the moment Dowling lunged at Carson and stabbed him to death.

“When the video came out and I saw it was him, I thought, ‘I can’t believe it’s Brian’s son,’” the friend said. “You could see that something was bothering him to make him react that way. He was upset about something. And I know it was nothing at home.”

Tears streamed down Dowling’s face as he was led from the neighborhood’s 81st Precinct police station Wednesday afternoon.

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