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Flatpak fans will want to check this out Deposit.

Deposit is a new GTK4/libadwaita tool that makes it easy to manage Flatpak applications and Flatpak remotes (e.g. flat cube, GNOME every night, etc) on Linux desktops. It is particularly notable because it provides a GUI for managing the functions of this packaging platform that is typically accessed from the command line.

Flatpak app permissions cannot be set on Deposit, but they don’t have to be. We already have multiple ways to manage them, including through Settings > Applications (on any distribution that GNOME ships) or through a dedicated third-party application like flat stamp.

Which can Deposit do?

Quickly view information about Flatpak applications and installed runtimes (runtimes are hidden by default, but there is an option to show them). shows the same detail as the flatpak list command but in a GUI and includes buttons to copy each fragment to your clipboard – useful!

View Flatpak application information in Warehouse
View information about installed Flatpak applications

Warehouse allows you to clear user and app data from installed Flatpaks without having to delete them, which can be a handy way to “reset” an app to its defaults.

The app can also search for remaining data from previously uninstalled Flatpak apps. You can then choose to delete this data per app or select it all and clean it up, freeing up space in the process.

Delete leftover data from Flatpak applications
Remove remnants of Flatpak apps that you deleted

The dialog for managing remote controls is especially useful. This presents a list of Flatpak remotes you’ve already added and gives you the option to remove them (individually). Clicking the “+” icon opens a dialog box from which you can get new remotes graphically, which is great.

Flatpak manages remote controls in the Warehouse Flatpak app
Flatpak Remote Management in Warehouse

Many Warehouse actions, such as uninstalling Flatpak applications, deleting installed Flatpak data, and copying Flatpak IDs, can be performed “in batches,” meaning you can select multiple Flatpaks and perform a select action on them, which saves time! real time!

In summary, Deposit will prove to be a valuable tool for Flatpak fans (Flanatics?) who don’t want to resort to the command line to batch delete apps, delete user and app data without deleting them, or manage Flatpak remotes.

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Thanks Scotty and Dominic!

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