Gabourey Sidibe reveals that she has been secretly married for more than a year | spcilvly


It turns out that Gabourey Sidibe has been even busier than previously thought since the start of the pandemic.

The Oscar-nominated actress not only got engaged, but also secretly married over a year ago.

The “breaking news” was revealed during a lively interview on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” on Monday, in which Sidibe revealed more details about her now-husband Brandon Frankel’s engagement proposal in late 2020, as well as her secret wedding in March 2021.

“The thing about weddings is that I don’t like them. “I don’t like them,” the “Precious” star explained to the hosts. “Here’s an example of how much I don’t like them: I’m actually married. “We got married more than a year ago.”

The revelation left Ryan Seacrest “confused,” while Kelly Rippa questioned if it was really “breaking news.”

Frankel, an entertainment company executive, was seen in the audience, confirming the news by raising his hand to show a jeweled ring finger.

Sidibe went on to share that they got married “at the kitchen table” and that the ceremony was so small that it was “just us.”

She admitted that they would eventually get married to appease her mother-in-law, but that her distaste for the affairs stems from the fact that the actress’s own mother was a wedding singer, meaning she “has been to a lot of weddings.” uninvited” herself.

Frankel posted a series of photos of the couple showing off their rings on her Instagram also on Monday, writing: “SURPRISE! I can finally call her my WIFE publicly!

He went on to say that after Sidibe “dropped the beans” on “Live,” he feels “relieved that we can finally tell the world.”

“Very grateful to have found my eternal person, my accomplice and the love of my life. “Every day is the best day for you,” Frankel added. “No one I would rather raise cats and be in bed with at 8 pm. Love you forever.”

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