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Scott Stallings arrived at his condo on Georgia’s Saint Simons Island to find a package containing the most prestigious card in golf.

He had been invited to play in the Masters tournament in April. The only problem was that Scott Stallings is a real estate agent in Atlanta, not the 54th-ranked golfer in the world who is also a three-time PGA Tour winner.

“I am (emoji 100) sure this is NOT for me,” real estate agent Stallings wrote in a direct message to professional golfer Stallings. “I play but wow! Not even close to your level.”

Professional golfer Stallings, who is in Hawaii, tweeted He was “checking my inbox five times a day” for an invitation to return to the Masters for the first time since 2014. Instead, he received a direct message on Instagram from the real estate agent saying he had received the invitation by mistake. CNN has reached out to Augusta National for comment on the mishap.

Real estate agent Stallings told CNN that at first the golfer thought it was a joke, but was convinced after seeing a photo of the invitation that the real estate agent also posted on Instagram.

“Trust me! I was thinking about showing up with my clubs and the invitation,” the real estate agent said in an Instagram post, adding that his wife convinced him to reach out to the other Stallings.

Interestingly, both Stallings have a wife named Jennifer.

The situation was rectified when the real estate agent took the invitation to a local consignment store and mailed it to its rightful recipient.

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