Masahiro Sakurai is planning a crossover with the ‘well-known’ YouTube channel | spcilvly

Image: Masahiro Sakurai on creating games

Legendary game designer Masahiro Sakurai has teased an upcoming “crossover special” with an apparently well-known YouTube channel.

In a post on Twitter, Sakurai confirmed that he will soon be playing “other” games through the planned collaboration (thanks, VGC), though details are scarce as of this writing. Presumably, the word “other” probably means titles that Sakurai has not personally worked on during his career, although this is mere speculation on our part.

Until now, of course, Sakurai’s YouTube channel, Masahiro Sakurai on Making Games, has largely focused on providing advice to newbie game developers who might be breaking into the world of game development.

He’s covered topics like how to avoid cheating players, the concept of “risk and reward,” and many more, but he’s also delved into some more light-hearted videos showing off his rare gaming collectibles and, adorably, his cat.

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