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A new, redesigned, faster Microsoft Teams app is generally available to all Windows and macOS users starting today.

Microsoft says the app is now twice as fast, uses 50% less memory, and takes up 70% less disk space than the Classic Teams app.

As revealed when the new Teams became available in preview in March, the new client will launch three times faster, allowing users to switch between chats and channels up to 1.7 times faster than the Classic Teams app.

Since its introduction in public preview, Microsoft engineers have made substantial progress and the updated Teams client now has feature parity for most features.

The feature list includes custom line-of-business apps, third-party apps, meeting rooms, 7×7 video viewing, call queues, PSTN calling, contextual search within chats and channels, the ability to post a conversation to a channel, and further.

New equipment
New computers (Microsoft)

“We have focused on providing high-quality performance and improving fundamentals in areas such as reliability, security and IT management to ensure the new Teams meets the changing requirements of your organization,” said Anupam Pattnaik, product leader at Microsoft Teams.

“With the move to general availability, new features and improvements will be available exclusively in the new Teams. The new Teams includes support for multi-tenant organizations (MTO) and multi-tenant, multiple accounts (MTMA), which enable seamless sharing between tenants. communication and collaboration across organizational boundaries between multiple tenants and accounts.”

The updated Microsoft Teams also integrates support for Copilot, Microsoft’s AI-powered assistant designed to help users prepare for meetings and provide real-time responses during conversations with colleagues.

Redmond used the React framework to improve the speed and performance of the new Teams app on Windows. Additionally, it used Edge WebView2 as a host to reduce memory and disk space usage since resources are shared with Edge.

Comparison of classic versus new equipment
Classic vs. New Teams Comparison (Microsoft)

“We’re also seeing significant performance improvements on Mac, including the ability to switch between chats and channels more quickly, and access relevant information quickly and efficiently with a faster scrolling experience,” Pattnaik said. “Teams runs natively on Mac, giving Mac users an enhanced app experience.”

Those with Business and Teams Essentials licenses who want to switch to the new Teams app today can do so using the “Try the new Teams” button in the top left corner of the classic Teams app.

For everyone else, including users with Enterprise and other licenses, the new Teams will become the default client as part of a rollout that follows this schedule.

Starting today, you also have the option to download the updated Teams client from the Teams download page.

Microsoft Teams has seen a surge in users amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread shift to remote work, and the platform now boasts a monthly user base of more than 280 million.

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