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Mobile phones today form an integral part of our existence. We use them to stay connected to the world around us, take photos, work, track our steps and fitness, set reminders and alarms, take notes – the list is endless. In a never-ending quest to optimize compactness and features, the foldable smartphone offers the best of both worlds, giving you the benefit of a large screen in a compact yet portable phone design.

OPPO has been a pioneer when it comes to innovation in the foldable phone space and has introduced one unique device after another over the past few years. Also this year, OPPO plans to launch its latest foldable model, the Find N3 Flip, on the market.

The stunning new smartphone is set to offer a number of upgrades over the previous generation, including an improved Flexion hinge design that provides much more durability, a large clamshell display for added functionality, and a triple main camera setup that It is being seen for the first time on a foldable phone. Will the OPPO Find N3 Flip tick all the boxes when it comes to foldable form factor to become the best flip ever?

The evolution of the foldable form factor.

When OPPO engineers designed the previous generation Find N2 Flip, the biggest challenge before them was to improve the existing hinge design while eradicating every drawback imaginable. The Find N2 Flip marked a new era in foldable smartphones, due to the incredible new Flexion Hinge that was introduced with the model. This hinge was much smaller than its predecessors and made the folding and unfolding process much smoother. Some foldable smartphones also had a folding mechanism with a main screen that collected dust in the deep fold when in your pocket. This issue was fixed with the introduction of the Flexion Hinge, which continues to form the heart of OPPO’s foldable smartphones and prevents this from happening and remains one of the most notable innovations of the Find series.

The hinge of the OPPO Find N3 Flip will offer an upgrade, as the single friction plate of the previous generation Find N2 Flip will be upgraded to a dual friction plate structure to improve its FlexForm stability. This will allow you to fold the phone to the angle you want and keep it in the chosen position.

The Find N3 Flip will also have greater durability, as OPPO will use aircraft-grade high-strength steel in the central charging positions to improve durability and reliability, and increase resistance to drop deformation by 25 percent in comparison with the previous generation. . OPPO’s specialist teams have also managed to solve some other drawbacks of foldable phones, such as smaller clamshell screens that only have space to display limited functions, or lower capacity batteries compared to traditional smartphones.

Versatile Cover Screen

The Find N3 Flip comes with a 3.26-inch vertical display, which is the largest ever seen on a foldable phone. This large screen lets you interact with your smartphone in new ways as you embark on a journey of discovery, from photo and video previews to quick access to tools like timers and important system settings.

The amazing cover screen mirrors your main screen in perfect proportion and is large enough to display a full 3X4 grid of apps and also supports one-touch replies, speech to text, emojis and typing via a QWERTY keyboard complete. The reason why OPPO did not change the vertical screen in this model is to offer smartphone users the convenience of using Android applications. This is because more than 90 percent of all Android apps are designed to work in portrait mode. This orientation will thus eliminate the compatibility problems associated with square screens. The cover screen is designed for vertical video content and users will be able to frame their selfies perfectly, adjust the lighting and make sure every detail is perfect before taking the photo.

In the new model, the cover screen will also support more than 40 essential apps, including Gmail, Outlook, Uber, Google Maps and YouTube Music, so users can reply to emails, book taxis, use turn-taking navigation and even change so. music while traveling. It will also show real-time weather updates as part of its default settings.

Stunning design

The Find N3 Flip looks stunning with a 75-degree super arc Gorilla Glass 7 cover on its rear surface, where a diamond blade is used to highlight the central frame on two sharp edges to make the bottom appear even slimmer and straight. As part of its multi-layer screen protection, this screen will employ a proprietary stainless steel mesh matrix that smoothes the folded droplet shape and reduces wrinkles.

This smartphone will be your ideal travel companion. When folded, the Find N3 Flip will measure just 85.54mm, which is half the size of a regular smartphone, and can fit comfortably in any pocket or bag. Weighing just 198 grams and slim at 7.79mm when open, the ergonomic design of the Find N3 Flip will make this device really stand out for users.

For the first time, OPPO will also add an alert slider to its smartphones. This mechanical control on the left edge of the device will allow you to switch between three modes (Silent, Vibrate and Ringer) without even having to open your smartphone.

The industry’s first triple camera in a flip

OPPO smartphones are known for their innovations in the camera space and the Find N3 Flip will continue that legacy. In an industry first, the Find N3 Flip will include three powerful rear cameras integrated within a circular module next to the cover display. The device will feature a 50MP Sony IMX890 wide-angle main camera with a large 1/1.56-inch sensor for high light input in dark environments.

It will be the only foldable phone with a telephoto portrait camera backed by a 32MP IMX709 sensor with 2X optical zoom and a portrait-perfect focal length close to 50mm. This focal length is equivalent to what your eyes can see and delivers natural portraits with minimal distortion. With this model, OPPO will also add a new 114º wide-angle camera with the 48MP Sony IMX581 sensor, capable of capturing more details in the shadows and less background noise.

The uniqueness of the foldable form factor extends to photos with the multi-angle FlexForm camera mode, where you can explore countless angles for hands-free photography on your Find N3 Flip. Another feature, FlexForm Interval Shooting, will let you take creative selfies with the option to convert multiple shots into GIFs. Plus, you’ll also be able to frame still shots with FlexForm Long Exposure, enjoy hands-free time-lapse with FlexForm Time-Lapse, and fit everyone into one frame with Ultra-Wide Selfie.

OPPO’s long-standing partnership with Hasselblad goes even deeper in the Find N3 Flip with its XPAN mode that features a tall 65:24 aspect ratio to capture the camera brand’s unique retro style. This technology will give you improved portrait shots, comparable to those taken with the Hasselblad XCD65mm lens.

Waiting for the launch of the Best Flip!

Waiting for the launch of the Best Flip!
Waiting for the launch of the Best Flip!

This amazing new smartphone is the perfect combination of functionality and excellent design. OPPO has really set the bar higher with these innovations that it will introduce in the OPPO Find N3 Flip. The premium foldable is launching soon and you should get ready to choose from the possible color options the device will be available in!

Apart from some of the amazing upgrades, the OPPO Find N3 Flip will introduce features that will make this model stand out among many others found on the display shelves of smartphone stores. We can’t wait to head to our nearest OPPO store or log on to the OPPO India website to know more as soon as the device is unveiled on October 12, 2023.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of the brand by HT Brand Studio.

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