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Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has gained prominence in the cryptocurrency sector thanks to his support for the industry and his criticism of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), recently pledged to end to the White House’s ‘war’ against Bitcoin (BTC), should he become the next president of the United States.

In fact, the 69-year-old environmental lawyer and presidential candidate promised to relax the government’s policies on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as treat them more like a currency than a commodity, during his possible performance in the White House, as he said. Bitcoin MagazineMark Godwin in a interview published on October 4.

“I will ensure that Bitcoin is protected, that people can keep their own wallets, that the current White House war on Bitcoin ends, that transactions are protected and encouraged, and, ultimately, treat it as a currency instead of a commodity, particularly for smaller Bitcoin owners and transactions.”

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Also, as he explained, he didn’t want to offer a “windfall for the billionaires who hoarded Bitcoin, but I think smaller players and transactions should be able to exchange the currency in the same way that when you go to Canada and use the Canadian Dollar, you want to be able to come to the United States, and if there is an appreciation of the Canadian dollar, I should not have to pay for it.”

As a reminder, Kennedy has long criticized CBDCs, such as the US Federal Reserve’s ‘FedNow’ project, which officially went live on July 20, 2023, as potentially leading to “financial slavery and political tyranny,” allowing the government to monitor all private financial matters, limiting where people can send money and where they can spend it.

On top of that, he has promised to safeguard the right to own Bitcoin, equating it with civil liberties, and has been one of the few presidential candidates to accept donations in the inaugural crypto asset, in a small club that also includes Kennedy’s Republican counterpart. . , Vivek Ramaswamy, as Finbold reported in late May.

Meanwhile, the flagship decentralized finance (DeFi) asset was changing hands at press time at the price of $27,730, representing an increase of 0.5% in the last 24 hours, in addition to gaining 4.88 % in the previous seven days and increase by 7.63%. on its monthly chart, according to the latest information on October 5.

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