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LUCK NOW In an extraordinary display of cultural pride and unity, the two-day Sindhi National Convention began with great enthusiasm in Lucknow on Saturday. Deputy Chief Minister Brijesh Pathak and special guest Prince Sai Mohan Lal graced the event, which was attended by Sindhi representatives from 17 Indian states, 75 districts, as well as international attendees from South Africa, Dubai and Singapore.

Sindhi National Convention (HT Photo)
Sindhi National Convention (HT Photo)

The inaugural session began with a touching tribute when Saint Sai Mohanlal of Shiv Shanti Ashram placed a garland on the statue of Jhulelal. Virendra Khatri, Vivek Ladani, Rajendra Manwani and Sanjay Ahuja, key figures of the organizing committee, extended a warm welcome to the revered saint.

The meeting then engaged in a stimulating dialogue involving Bhimesh Athwani, Atul Rajpal, Ravi Bhavnani, Jagdish Khatwani, Baldev Khatri and Ajay Dhemala, representing various regions. Their discussions touched on topics of religion and family, answering questions from the captivated audience.

Saint Sai Mohan emphasized the importance of Sai and Guru in one’s life, advocating the preservation of cultural values ​​through marriage within the community and continued devotion to one’s Guru.

Deputy CM Brijesh Pathak was present at the event during the second session and praised the unwavering commitment of the Sindhi community towards the progress of the nation. He acknowledged his contributions in various spheres, from governance to economic development, and praised his unity.

A touching moment unfolded when respected elders of the Sindhi community, Suresh Keshwani, Murali Adnani, Gurmukh Jadwani and Ravi Prakash Chanda, shared their roles and recounted their struggles during the partition era. Their stories served as a testament to the resilience and strength of the community.

In recognition of their esteemed guests, Raju Punjabi, Sanjay Ahuja, Sanjay Gurnani, Nitin Sachdeva, Satendra Bhavnani and Kapil Savlani extended their heartfelt honours.

The convention was attended by prominent Sindhi figures including Mohan Das Ladhani, Muralidhar Ahuja, Vasudev Chawla, Satish Athwani, Santram Chandwani, Bhimesh Athwani, Manish Savlani, Anil Bhateja, Naresh Batra, Prakash Bajaj and many others who joined the celebration. of Sindhi culture and heritage.

The Sindhi National Convention promises to be a memorable gathering, which will foster a sense of unity and pride among the Sindhi community while honoring their rich history and contributions to the nation.

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