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Snapchat My AI attracted a lot of attention when it was first released. People have been using the AI ​​chatbot as friends and sharing various personal information, raising major privacy concerns, especially for children. The UK watchdog is now assessing the privacy risks of Snapchat’s AI chatbot and demanding answers for a decision that could lead to a future ban. Learn more about children’s privacy concerns here.

Snapchat My AI Ban in the UK

Snapchat’s My AI is integrated with OpenAI ChatGPT, allowing the chatbot to answer people’s questions. Previously, it was warned that users should not share their personal information and data with the bot as the questions and answers are reviewed to improve the performance of the product. Now, the AI ​​chatbot is posing serious risks to children’s privacy. According to the 9To5Mac report, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) stated that the company did not carry out an adequate assessment of risks related to children’s privacy. It said: “The investigation provisionally finds that Snap failed to adequately identify and assess the risks to several million ‘My AI’ users in the UK, including children aged 13 to 17.”

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Now, the ICO has sent a notice to the company stating that they must prove that their conclusions are wrong. If they do not admit the risk, Snapchat’s My AI feature may be banned in the country. The social media platform will need to evaluate and revise its policy for children between 13 and 17 years old.

About Snapchat My AI

The My AI chatbot first debuted in April and several users spoke about its ability to generate accurate responses. However, many users highlighted the risks related to sharing information with the AI ​​chatbot. The company also stated that the conversions are revisions to train and improve functionality. Previously, it was claimed that the 13+ app was incorrect and the age limit should be raised.

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