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Two Palestinian men were killed in the early hours of Sunday during an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) raid on the Nur Shams refugee camp near Tulkarem in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian officials said.

Palestinian officials named them Aseed Farhan Abu Ali, 21, and Abd al-Rahman Suleiman Abu Daghash, 32. The Palestinian Health Ministry said both died after being shot in the head.

Abu Daghash was in his home when an Israeli sniper shot him, according to Taha al-Irani, head of the popular resistance committee in the camp. He said it was the third Israeli attack on the camp this year, damaging electricity and water services.

The IDF said in a statement that forces entered the area to dismantle the militants’ “operational command center and dozens of ready-to-use explosive devices.”

Palestinian state media WAFA said Israeli forces “broke into the camp in large numbers, accompanied by military bulldozers, amid intense gunfire, and began demolishing the camp’s main street and infrastructure, while (Israeli) occupation snipers They climbed to the roofs of citizens’ houses. ”

Najeeb Adeeb, a doctor inside the camp, said the raid involved more than 60 Israeli military vehicles and heavy gunfire. His team treated seven shrapnel wounded in the field and evacuated two others to a hospital in Tulkarem, he said.

Videos obtained by CNN and shared by camp residents showed military vehicles entering the camp, where at least one was hit by an improvised explosive device. Other photos and videos show streets torn apart by what residents say were bulldozers.

One IDF soldier was “moderately injured” during the operation by gunshot fragments, the IDF said.

“(During the) counterterrorism activity, IDF engineering vehicles operated in the area to discover explosive devices that were placed under roads in the area,” the statement said, adding that the vehicles found multiple explosive devices, including the minus one IED. all of which exploded.

The suspects also “opened fire and threw explosive devices at the forces, who responded with live fire. The impacts have been identified,” the IDF said.

Israel attacked the camp in early September, leaving one Palestinian dead and two others wounded.

The camp was built in 1952 to house refugees who fled their homes in the war that followed the creation of Israel. The UN refugee agency says the camp has 13,519 registered refugees, and that the problems are overcrowding, unemployment and poor sanitary conditions.

A general strike has been announced in the countryside and in Tulkarem.

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