Union Minister Nitin Gadkari says India needs to promote flex-fuel vehicles to overcome fluctuations in crude oil prices. | spcilvly

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Monday said the country needs to promote flex-fuel vehicles and electric mobility to overcome problems created by wide fluctuations in crude oil prices in the international market.

At an event organized by SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers), Gadkari further said that the aviation sector is also facing problems due to high cost of aviation fuel.

“Every year, the (wide) fluctuations in crude oil prices are creating many problems… We need to move towards the adoption of 100 percent flex-fuel vehicles,” he said.

Cars compatible with the Flex-Fuel system can run on more than one type of fuel and also on a mixture. Typically a mixture of gasoline and ethanol or methanol is used.


The Road Transport and Highways Minister pointed out that 40 per cent of pollution in India is due to the use of fossil fuels.

Pointing out that technology needs to be encouraged to convert waste into wealth, he said, “we are encouraging many industries to start producing ethanol.”

The minister also appreciated the role of the automobile industry in creating employment opportunities in India.

“The automobile sector employs more than 4 million people in India. It also pays maximum GST to the government,” he said.

Gadkari also pointed out that there is huge potential for export of auto components.

Gadkari said that ethics, economics, ecology and environment are the most prominent pillars of Indian society.

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“When it comes to ecology and the environment, the entire world is moving towards carbon neutrality,” he said.

The minister said sugar manufacturers who have played a major role in the nation’s current ethanol milestones will reap similar economic benefits by working together towards sustainability.

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