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Armed Gaza militants launched a surprise attack on Israel at dawn on Saturday, opening holes in the border fence, killing an unknown number of Israeli soldiers and taking hostages, geolocated propaganda videos authenticated by CNN show.

Israeli soldiers at the border posts appeared to have been taken by surprise by the assault, which was carried out using what appeared to be drones, rocket-propelled grenades, anti-tank guided missiles and assault weapons, according to videos shared on social media. by the Islamist militant group Hamas Show.

The militants also seized military bases near the border, captured military vehicles and set tanks on fire. In some cases, fighters advanced a few kilometers into communities near the security fence separating Gaza from Israel, taking civilians captive.

CNN has examined nearly a dozen Hamas propaganda videos, using analysis and geolocation to piece together what happened at key locations. These videos, posted by Hamas on its social media channels, were heavily edited by the terrorist group.

At a nearby outdoor music festival, taking place just under two miles from the border, some attendees told CNN they learned about the attack from the sound of rockets.

A video posted on a Hamas social media account shows an attack near a section of the border fence when a drone filmed an attack on an Israeli tank. Nearby, in a separate video, smoke is seen rising near a new gap in a fence. The video showed an Israeli tank burning near that gap.

Concertgoers said gunfire began about 30 minutes after they first heard rockets and explosions. Two attendees told CNN that they had already begun evacuating the area due to the rockets, when they realized they needed to run to escape the bullets.

The militants advanced to a kibbutz about three miles southeast of the Gaza border, according to the IDF.

Videos geolocated by CNN show armed militants moving through the Be’eri kibbutz and taking several Israelis captive. The current whereabouts of these hostages are unknown, but CNN confirmed that at least some of the festival attendees were filmed while armed militants paraded through Gaza.

A video geolocated by CNN shows Gaza militants entering the Erez military facility after crossing the border with explosives. The Erez crossing is the main border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

The fighters are then seen shooting at a guard tower and moving inside what appear to be the military base’s living quarters.

The first-person video continues with a gunman shooting a man covered in blood on the ground, while other militants appear to take two Israeli men hostage.

As the fighters advance into the base, grabbing an Israeli flag and taking over an Israeli jeep, several lifeless bodies can be seen on the ground.

A video posted by Hamas shows at least two paragliders shortly after takeoff, flying in the direction of Zikim, a kibbutz just across the border.

Behind them, a barrage of rockets fired at the edge of a field just north of Beit Lahia, Gaza, are seen flying north.

This video is the first image of paragliders during the attack geolocated by CNN.

The IDF claimed to have killed two Hamas raiders on Zikim Beach; It is not known if these were the two paragliders seen in the video. This attack appears to have been Hamas’ ground attack against Israel in the far north.

Dozens of Gaza fighters, armed with guns, grenades and bomb-launching drones, also took control of a military base on the outskirts of Nahal Oz, as video geolocated by CNN shows.

At least two Israeli soldiers were killed by militants, and at least six female soldiers at the base are seen being taken prisoner in videos.

The assault began with gunmen sneaking between two hills near a gate along the border fence between Israel and Gaza. They are then seen approaching and passing by a surveillance tower: in the distance you can see the large communications tower of the military base.

Once past, the militants – dozens of them dressed in dark clothing – are seen advancing across the open field towards the base.

Another video, filmed around the same time by an armed drone, appears to have shown the beginning of the ambush. Three Israeli soldiers are seen standing near a van in the southern part of the base before the drone drops at least two bombs on them. One appears to be seriously injured and the trio is later seen taking cover next to a nearby military vehicle.

One of the videos shows militants throwing a grenade on top of a moving Israeli military vehicle just outside the base. It is not clear from the videos how many troops were stationed at the base, or whether there was extensive gunfire there.

Another video shows several individuals – some of whom appear to be looting the base – on top of and around some tanks on base property. A thick column of black smoke is also visible.

Another video shared by Hamas shows the attackers near an opening in a fence near the Sufa kibbutz, near Israel’s border with Egypt.

In the same video, fighters are shown attacking a nearby military base, which features Israeli military vehicles, including a tank. In the video you can see the bodies of the Israeli soldiers, one of whom is bleeding and wearing only a helmet, a tactical vest and underwear.

This attack appears to have been Hamas’ ground assault on Israel from the far south.

According to the IDF, Hamas also attempted to attack Israel using boats. According to the IDF, two rubber dinghies and two other vessels were destroyed early Saturday morning.

Footage released by the IDF on Saturday night showed a warship firing at a suspected Hamas vessel.

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