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Pablo Martínez, a member of the Red Team of the cybersecurity firm Entelgy Innotec Security, has discovered important vulnerabilities in low-cost video surveillance cameras available for purchase on popular online platforms.

Their findings shed light on serious safety concerns surrounding these inexpensive devices.

Martínez’s research revealed a critical vulnerability that allows users to reset their passwords by bypassing essential security controls.


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This flaw opens the door for unauthorized people to change the camera password, gain access to administrator level privileges, disable alarms, delete stored images, and even view the camera’s live feed.

The vulnerability is associated with a QR Captcha that users scan through a mobile app to confirm their password recovery, making it a crucial entry point for attackers.

To formalize the existence of this vulnerability, Pablo Martínez has registered it as CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), a widely recognized resource that certifies its presence.

CVEs are maintained by Miter and serve as a way to inform manufacturers of vulnerabilities while publicly listing them with unique identifiers.

In addition to the password-related vulnerability, Martínez discovered that the examined camera, originating from China, was transmitting data to servers located in China.

This discovery raises concerns about the privacy and data security implications for users of these affordable surveillance devices.

Martínez’s main goal is to raise awareness about the potential risks associated with low-quality electronic products and IoT hardware. In his recent research, he showed that it took less than half an hour to identify multiple security flaws in the device he tested.

Pablo Martínez’s findings serve as a stark reminder of the importance of examining the security of IoT devices and electronic products, even those available at lower costs, to safeguard the privacy and integrity of users’ data.

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