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  • Waroona has engaged an electrical and solar specialist to complete a definitive feasibility study (DFS) for a 120 MW solar installation adjacent to Frontier Energy’s Bristol Springs project.
  • DFS will finalize the detailed design, site layout, equipment specifications and capital cost estimate.
  • Completion is scheduled for the first half of 2024.

Frontier Energy acquisition target Waroona Energy (TSXV:WHE) has commenced a DFS, the most advanced economic study, for the development of a 120MW solar facility in south-west WA.

In September, Frontier Energy (ASX:FHE) signed a letter of intent to acquire all shares in Waroona Energy, a Canadian renewable energy company that advanced its study of a hydrogen-fuelled peaking plant at its flagship renewable energy project. of the same name.

FHE’s Bristol Springs project is adjacent to and shares the same footprint as the Waroona project

attributes and benefits of nearby infrastructure, including secure connections to the Southwestern Grid, for green hydrogen production and supply.

FHE is now seeking to acquire Waroona Energy to create a large-scale Australian renewable energy company with turnkey solar generation of 335 MW and the potential to expand to over 1 GW.

‘More profitable for combined development’

Waroona has engaged electrical and solar specialist Incite Energy to complete a DFS for a 120MW solar installation.

While Frontier has already completed a DFS for a 114MW solar farm, the Waroona land is located closest to the nearby power terminal (300m away) and is the most profitable for Stage One of a combined development.

Frontier Energy ASX FHE
Location of the Frontier and Waroona projects in south-west WA. Photo via Frontier Energy

Waroona DFS will finalize the detailed design, including site layout, equipment specification and capital cost estimation (accurate to ±15%) for the Stage One development and build on the significant work already completed.

Renewable energy center in the making

FHE CEO Sam Lee Mohan says the development of a solar facility is a key pillar of the company’s long-term strategy to build a renewable energy hub.

“This strategy includes solar production, the production of green hydrogen from solar energy, as well as the consumption of green hydrogen in a hydrogen-fueled peaking power plant,” he says.

“Given our existing collaboration agreement with Waroona and the recently announced transaction that will combine the two companies, it makes logical sense to prepare for construction of the Stage One solar facility at a site located closer to the electrical terminal.”

“Given that significant work on solar power generation has already been completed (included in the Frontier DFS), the Waroona Solar DFS can be accelerated and completed in early 2024.”

FHE remains on track to meet its goal of beginning solar development during the first of 2024.

Frontier Energy ASX FHE
Artist’s impression of the peak power plant and solar installation on the Waroona property. Photo via FHE

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